Itella Russia

  • Street address
  • 143080, Russia, Moscow region
    Odintsovo distr., Lesnoy Gorodok vill.
    8 Energetikov St., build 3
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Telephone
  • +7 (499) 926-53-00
  • +7 (495) 229-02-00
  • Fax
  • +7 (499) 926-53-00 ext. 1142, 1137
  • Recording telephone calls and messages
  • Should the business or service transaction so require, Itella reserves the right to record telephone calls and messages in order to be able to verify the content of the call or message. The recordings will be used to ensure the rights and legal protection of the customer and Itella. The recordings can also be used for in-house staff training purposes to improve customer service and enhance service quality. The recordings will not be used for other purposes nor conveyed to parties outside Itella unless so required by law.