Our vision for 2020

Itella's vision is to be the customer's first choice for logistics and e-commerce services.

Our goal is to be a desired partner chosen by companies looking for transportation and logistics services in Russia.

We wish to create added value for our customers in their order-delivery chain. We want to be a reliable partner, ensuring quality and increasing the efficiency of our customers' operations.

In e-commerce services, our vision means that we offer trade industry customers and international companies specializing in e-commerce the most extensive range of services and a reliable channel for their business. We ensure a good service experience for consumer customers when dealing with online stores, which helps to promote the development of e-commerce business.


Our main mission is to take care of the flow of commerce and everyday life.

  • To take care means that Itella takes responsibility as a service provider. We take care of the processing and distribution of our customers' goods.
  • The flow of commerce describes the added value that customers gain from us. We are a seamless enabler of our customer's transactions, from ordering to billing, easily, quickly and reliably.
  • The flow of everyday life means that we do our bit to make sure that consumer goods and commodities are available when needed. Interacting with us is easy and flexible.

Customer promise

Our customer promise is: Easy, fast, reliable and responsible.

  • Our services are easy to purchase and use. Interacting with us is smooth and simple. Our services are there, when and where you need them.
  • Our extensive service network guarantees the most suitable speed of delivery for you.
  • Reliability means that we keep our promises. We listen to your feedback when developing our operations.
  • You can be sure that we work justly, fairly, openly and appreciatively. We follow ethical principles in all of our operations.


  • Succeeding with the customer
  • Driving for improvement and innovation
  • Taking responsibility
  • Winning together

Strategic goals

  • Becoming the market leader in Finland and Russia through profitable growth
  • Value-adding solutions for customers
  • Making e-commerce possible
  • The best workplace