Corporate responsibility is part of our daily work and management. In our company, management is based on our values: succeeding with the customer, driving for improvement and innovation, taking responsibility, and winning together. Good management supports the achievement of these targets and fosters a positive work atmosphere.

Our commitment to responsibility remains strong - it's part of our strategy, it's based on our jointly defined values and it is also expected by our stakeholders.

Itella's Employee Code of Conduct defines the standard of behavior that everyone in Itella must follow. It contains the core issues which help employees to choose the correct course of action in working life situations that demand personal discretion and judgment.

In Itella we have zero tolerance for breaches of laws and regulations, fair business practices, non-discrimination, avoidance of conflicts of interest, anti-corruption and bribery, or protection of the environment.

In particular, we value each other and will treat everyone non-discriminately regardless of ethnic origin, religion, gender, political opinions, age, nationality, sexual orientation, civil status, or disability. We do not accept or pay bribes or give any other unlawful financial benefits to any authorities, customers, or other parties under any circumstances.

Every Itella employee studies this Code of Conduct and agrees to comply with it in terms of own work.

Following the Code of Conduct secures our business success and a fair work environment for all Itella people, who devotedly contribute to this success every day.

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