We are a state-owned company that operates on market terms, and our operations are entirely based on the revenue received from our customers. About half of our operations are related to postal services. The rest consist of logistics and financial management services provided to corporate customers.

The financial impact of our operations is comparable to those of the banking and telecommunications sectors, as our services are used by hundreds of thousands of private and public sector operators every day, in addition to consumers.

We want to lead the way and report our tax footprint as openly and transparently as possible. We report our tax information in accordance with IFRS by geographical segments: Finland, Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltic countries and other countries.

We are a significant taxpayer. By paying taxes and other public fees, we contribute to improving well-being in society. 

Financial Responsibility

  • We assume our financial responsibility by Transforming our business and improving profitability according to the strategy
  • Supporting the competitiveness of our customer companies and the public sector

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