Responsible recruitment
Responsible recruitment

Focus on Personell

Itella has a staff of more than 26,000 skilled employees. In Finland, Itella is one of the largest employers. In Russia, it has over 4,000 employees and a network of branches in six regions. At the end of 2013, the total number of employees reached 20,263 in Finland and 5,614 in other countries.


The scope of works ranges from delivery and manufacture of products to provision of customer services, development of products and services, IT and other specialized services and management.  Itella is a responsible and forward-looking employer. Every year we receive about 30,000 applications for our vacancies.

Personnel key figures

Itella is a safe place to work


Providing a safer working environment is one of our key objectives. In 2013, we started a new Work Safety project to reduce the number of accidents using the most advanced safety improvement methods. We carried out a survey and a number of interviews to improve the health and safety management culture at Itella. Based on the survey results, we identified the priority areas, metrics and information model for the whole company. We included the reduction of incidents in the list of top objectives to be attained on the basis of improvements in productivity and general quality of work.

Intercultural relations are a significant resource for our company


In Finland alone, our employees represent about 90 ethnic groups. The ethic basis for intercultural relations at Itella is the equality of all employees and the principles laid down in our code of conduct.

All of Itella's employees are equal, irrespective of their gender, age, origin, cultural background, beliefs, education, work experience or competency. Tolerance and a multicultural approach are cultivated, among other things, by careful recruitment and initial training of the personnel.

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