Arranging logistical processes and creating overall solutions for customers in the fast-growing pharmaceutical market are part of Itella's business priorities.

We are all aware that dealing with pharmaceutical customers requires maintaining not only the high quality of product services but also the proper technical condition of the warehouse and the surrounding territory. We have to provide special anti-dust floors, temperature control, refrigerators, backup power supply, product scanning software, warehouse accounting, assembly of orders and many other things.

Unlike other product groups, pharmaceutical products may only be stored and handled at storage facilities with Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate of conformity to the Russian state sanitary-epidemiological rules and regulations and the License for the relevant activity (wholesale trade, storage, transportation).

Itella has extensive experience in handling pharmaceutical products.

The company is currently dealing with more than 25 pharmaceutical companies, some of which have been using our services for over 10 years.

Services for the pharmaceutical industry:

  • Rent/sub-rent of class A warehouse facilities (warehouse to be equipped and arranged according to the customer's needs and medical products handling regulations)
  • Handling of pharmaceutical products at a licensed warehouse (customer's license)
  • Assistance in obtaining permits such as Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate, License
  • Temperature controlled transportation of pharmaceutical products by road (C +2 to +25)
  • Armed escort during transportation, if necessary
  • Set-up of warehouse for veterinary products
  • Responsible storage of related goods (medical equipment, cosmetics, advertising products) not requiring a license

Important requirement when working with pharmaceutical products - presence of certain certificates. Itella's management system in Russia meets the ISO 9001:2008 standards.

In addition, there are rules that standardize and describe requirements applicable to the warehouse premises, personnel (for example, the personnel must have medical certificates and receive mandatory training), processes (acceptance of goods at the warehouse in the presence and with the participation of the customer's representative, handling, shipment of goods, assignment of the Quarantine/Reject status, etc.) as well as other documents developed and introduced to improve the service quality.



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