Warehousing Services
Warehousing Services

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Reliable and timely warehouse services are one of the key factors in reducing costs and making the supply chain efficient. Monitoring stock balance and order information in real time reduces risks of oversized inventory and minimizes tied assets.

Itella's class "A" warehouses in Russia with total area more than 500 000 m² are designed to provide easy and efficient professional services for all industries, including FMCG, fashion, pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, DIY and automotive sector. Furthermore, eCommerce fulfillment is part of our service portfolio.

Warehousing operations are built around storage and complementary services involving product processing at the warehouse.

Our basic warehousing services include:

  • Rack, floor, mezzanine, fine-meshed safe storage
  • Safe storage of goods requiring special temperature conditions
  • Storage of oversized cargo
  • Cross-dock
  • Loading/unloading of palletized and bulk goods
  • Labelling
  • Stock control: periodical count, cycle count, claims investigation
  • Picking: by pallet, case, unit
  • Picking of sets and kits
  • Reports for customer

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Supplementary Services

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Pre-sale goods preparation

Pre-sale goods preparation

Products prepared for sales promotion in the warehouse



Co-Packing operations to prepare your goods for sale