Well organized pre-sale goods preparation is a guarantee of successful sales. For these means Itella provides "co-packing" service at its' safe storage A class warehouses. We hold all necessary equipment for co-packing operations, like label printers, shrink wrapping machines, label guns and guns for tags. 

Dedicated team ensures high quality co-packing operations for products of any type:

  • Gift sets assembly
  • Polyolefine or PVC cover
  • Polyfilm cover
  • Package sealing and banners
  • Promotional displays production
  • Labeling
  • Binding with Glue gun
  • Shrinkable film cover
  • Banding
  • Change of content: kitting

Our facilities allow to have a personalized working plan for each customer, to process products of various size, shape and structure or to add advertising and informative materials to the products being packed.

Itella will enable you to protect the outer appearance of your products, reduce expenses on additional organizational and manufacturing processes, and concentrate your resources on the core manufacturing and retail operations of your company.

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